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Project: PARTYGIRLS Illustration
Date: November 2000
Media: Pencil, Ink, PhotoShop

You've gotta love the PARTYGIRLS!

My friend Jami asked me for an illustration of her friend Ilene and herself as super-heroines. This was to be used for an invitation for their annual birthday party. I took this as an opportunity to expand my existing Hero Corp. universe and include a few more people I knew. And like the other characters, their place in the H.C. world was at least partially dictated by their real life counterparts' adventures.

My only real instruction with this particular rendering was that I had to include the characters surrounded by the city of Pittsburgh. This wasn't a problem, since my Hero Corp. stories are primarily set in a fictitious version of Pittsburgh. I decided to make it resemble a Will Eisner-type splash page, and if you look closely you can see a couple of our city's landmarks: Mellon (formerly the Civic) Arena, The Point, and PPG Place to name a few.

Before I could do this, however, I actually had to design the girls' costumes.

Project: PARTYGIRLS Preliminary Sketch
Date: November 2000
Media: Pencil on Paper

So here we have a layout sketch of the two characters from HERO CORP. continuity. Suggested by Jami Marlowe, FANTASTIC GROOVE and DISQO protect the party scene in the Capitol of Champions.

This rough was done merely to get an idea of the characters' costumes and proportions.

There are actually at least two more PARTYGIRLS who have yet to make it to the printed page. GLITTERBALL and RETRO are waiting in the wings for me to find the time to bring them into the fold. Patience world, patience...